Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Jet-Set by Colin Wyatt

A Cry for Help

ISBN 9780956893901

Making a Splash

ISBN 9780956893918

Footprints in the Snow

ISBN  9780956893925

A Home of Their Own

ISBN 9780956893932
The Jet-Set are anthropomorphic super-heroes who spring into action and rescue wild animals who are in trouble. These first four titles of this new imprint are a delight. I do have to confess I know Colin Wyatt. He has completed several superb book covers for Bridge House. The illustrations in these four titles are also a joy and the stories are fast-paced and heart-warming. I detect the competent editing of Debz Hobbs-Wyatt, Colin’s daughter and owner of Paws N Claws. And again I must confess, she is a good friend of mine and also my partner at Bridge House Publishing. However, there is no nepotism here. The books are genuinely good.
Each story carries a very strong message about the right of wild animals to remain free. No wonder the Born Free Foundation has felt able to get behind this book and it’s particularly nice to see a quote from Virginia McKenna OBE in the blurb. At the end of each story there is some information about the featured animal and also a link to where readers can find out more from the Born Free Foundation. All of this is done in exactly the right tone for the very young reader. Note also, that a £1.00 goes to the Born Free Foundation for every book sold. Through all of this, however, story remains paramount and there is plenty of it.
The books hover between being picture books and illustrated books for emergent readers. They are still suitable for a parent or teacher to read to a child.  At RRP £5.99, and often available cheaper, they are very good value for money. With their very attractive covers and their comfortable size, they are the type of books you just have to pick up.         

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