Sunday, 14 May 2017

Beggarman’s Cottage by Vivienne Dockerty

I first came across Vivienne when she advertised Beggarman’s Cottage on Streetlife. Ah, I thought. Another local writer. So, I ordered a copy of her book and she hand-delivered it whilst I was out.
As usual, it queued on my shelf behind various others. I buy books compulsively.  

Then I actually met her when I went to a local coffee morning – and bought two more.
I finally read Beggarman’s Cottage and was totally amazed. I’ve currently started one of the others. That will get a review here as well. 

I’m astounded that Vivienne Dockerty has never found a mainstream publisher. Her story-telling is excellent. Her writing is also superior to much that is written in historical fiction of this nature, even that which is published by the Big Five. 

Beggarman’s Cottage is a little tricky in that is has multiple points of view, including that of a ghost.  There is one character who has more of the story and we are gunning for her all of the time. Dockerty certainly engages us. The ending is satisfying but I’ll say no more here. 

Perhaps her stories are all the richer because they are based on those of her ancestors. 

She has moved back to Australia. I hope she will continue to write.

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