Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Her Father's Daughter by Nessa O'Mahony

I'll be quite upfront to start with and say that Nessa O'Mahnoy is a friend of mine. We both worked for our PhDs 2003-2007 and graduated together form the Bangor University in 2007. I'll also say that straight away afterwards that that makes no odds.  I'm fastidiously honest in my reviews and only that which has really impressed finds its way on to this blog.

I've had this book for quite a while. I wish I'd read it sooner. It is a delight.
As the title suggests, there are autobiographical elements here of the Nessa's relationship with her own father. It also contains the story of her mother's relationship with her grandfather.
The poems are strong because they relate to the real world. Nessa uses a powerful mix of writing with the senses and her own inner thoughts and observations to tell an engaging story through language carefully chosen. 

A particular favourite of mine is 'Natural Selection' (34):
April blusters into May,
plays a glassy tune
on the wind chime
guarding the crab-apple
from bull-finch rapine.

At my desk on the first floor
I miss most of the garden action,
though the upward climb
of pink and white
on the silver birch
can still arrest me  
There are a further three stanzas.  

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