Thursday, 7 November 2013

While No One Was Watching by Debz Hobbs-Wyatt

Okay, so Debz is a good friend of mine and a business partner as well. But there is no nepotism here. Nothing makes its way on to this blog unless it takes me out of my editing head. No more than I’ll like anything I don’t actually like on Facebook just because I like the page-owner.
And this book certainly did make me forget to chunter.  
Set in the modern day and also in 1963 with the JF Kennedy murder as a background, the story is in part about the girl who disappeared while no one was watching because all eyes were on JFK. But it is also a story about the 21st Century people who looked for her and who tried to solve the mystery.   
Here we have richly drawn characters, plenty of tension and a fast pace. Every one of the characters is believable and lovable. This novel’s plot is carefully controlled and the novel is certainly page-turner. We’re kept guessing, about quite a few points, long enough to want to read more.
I’m a fast reader normally but had to take my time a little more with this one. This was no bad thing: there is a richness of language here that makes one think a little. And even so, it took me not more than ten days to read.
A really pleasing first novel. I look forward to the next one.    

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