Saturday, 1 February 2014

Angel, Angel Fire and Angel Fever by Lee Weatherly

Angels have been the new vampires for some time now and Lee Weatherly’s stories do not disappoint. We’ve probably all been waiting for some time for the novels that would give us the same mix of high romance and paranormal adventure that we enjoyed in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series. Here we have them. Except that the Angel series is much better.
We no longer have the worry that the female lead is being pursued by a man who is actually over a hundred years old. True, there is some time slippage in the Angel series but it just leaves the two main characters a little nearer in age.
Angels are not benign creatures in these novels. They are a sinister form of parasite though not every human realises this. Alex and Willow and the team they build have to fight the hold they have over mankind. The adventure is full of pace and tension and alongside this their romance goes through some tricky moments.
The three novels are well written and the story-telling is such that it is difficult to put the books down. There are three hefty volumes yet I read them very quickly. This was not because of any over simplicity in the language but rather because we get to know Alex and Willow so well and we must find out what happens.
I believe these characters have lived with Lee for a while. I’m so glad she has brought them out into the open.     

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